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More about Resonance & Founder Cassandra Vogeli


Soul mission: to inspire, teach, expand, and catalyze more love, freedom, beauty and consciousness on this planet.

Who am I: I’m an intuitive, energy worker and meditation teacher with a MA in Marital & Family Therapy. I have studied (and practice) movement/dance, vibrational healing (song mantra, music, & crystal singing bowls), kundalini technology, EMDR (eye movement desensitization & reprocessing) utilized in trauma work and releasing subconscious patterns, as well as gut health.

What is Resonance: an entity that provides tools, workshops, resources, mediations— both online & in person— to ‘inspire, teach, expand, and catalyze more love, freedom, beauty and consciousness’ on this planet (see: soul mission statement).

Resonance also serves as a physical space for healing, where I guide individuals in the art of coming back to their own intuition, receiving guidance, and honoring what comes through pragmatically. The intention is to help others get into alignment with their true desires, and live a life according to their deepest knowing, rather than unconscious programming. This includes learning how to ground and resource (feel safe/peaceful) in the body, face shadows, work with the ego, rewrite or expand limiting beliefs, align chakras, process and release trauma or stagnant energies the body is carrying unconsciously, as well as learn how to access and trust your deepest self.