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It is my soul mission to: inspire, teach, expand, and catalyze more love, freedom, beauty and consciousness on this planet. To offer resources and a light along the way. To ignite inner alchemy, as well as to create spaces that foster transformation.
— Cassandra Vogeli, Founder

It is my belief that we are capable of healing, vitality, purpose, passion, fulfillment, peace, and freedom. I have found through my work, that we don’t live out what we desire, we live out whatever is in our unconscious, or energetic body. To live our deepest, most aligned, and truly fulfilling life, we must be connected to our intuition, or what I often refer to as soul. It is this well of wisdom within each of us, that knows every single one of our (unconscious) beliefs, limiting thoughts, wounds, lessons, and/or ancestral baggage, and can guide us directly to the root, where a kind of healing can happen, that many people don’t know is possible. Little seemingly unimportant shifts, that change everything. This is what I feel called to spread— genuine healing, soul led. This is what Resonance is. It is a guide back to soul, and a rejoining with your own (healing) potential and soul magic. My work is an ongoing cultivation—a mix between my background in marriage and family therapy, energy work, quantum physics, kundalini yoga and the process of polarity that exists within each of us, to alchemize any situation. I work 1-on-1 with individuals, as well as run online, and in person groups. It is truly incredible how rapidly and effectively we can identify, and shift areas we have struggled with all of our life, when we understand how to move through this process both cognitively as well as energetically.





Check out my resources section, it’s new (like Resonance) but I will continue to add valuable resources like meditations, song mantra, breathing and techniques to make this human life a more enjoyable experience.



Check out my workshop offerings both online, and local to Sacramento, workshops, energy healing, mediation challenges, and spaces for healing, creativity, spirituality, play, education and release.


Remote Healing Session

Reiki works across time and space, therefore distance or remote reiki is just as effective as an in person session. Reiki is pure positive healing energy. It always works for your highest good.

Energy Healing

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“During the reiki I experienced warm energy and positive feelings. I was able to focus on my intention and move the energy. Afterward I felt very connected to myself.” -SV

“After the distance reiki session, I’m blown away by how much calmer I feel, and more confident, I’ve been struggling with that. I can’t thank you enough.” -SY


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Top photo by Nicolette Lovell (@nicolettelovell)

Note: Resonance, its staff, and content-providers are not licensed medical care providers and are not rendering personal medical advice or treatment. Always consult your doctor or health care provider.